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'Hellraiser' Trent Graham Empty 'Hellraiser' Trent Graham

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The biggest, scariest and most intense wrestler around, Hellraiser is a man of power AND brain. Weighing in at 285 Pounds, and all the way from New Zealand, he is set on showing the world what the land from way down under can offer.

Making his biggest footprint in XWE, Hellraiser quickly became a household name to all who set foot within their ring. Proud to hold such milestones as 1x XWE Global Heavyweight Champion, first and longest reigning XWE Revolutionary Champion, 1x Jackpot Winner and 4x XWE Hardcore Champion. And, as if his hits weren’t big enough, he had the mic presence to back up everything he did.

“I am the man from way down under
Whos actions speak as loud as thunder
Then faster than a flash of lightning
You will wonder
‘Where the f**k am I?’
After that Byrning Hammer
Welcome to Hell”
– ‘Hellraiser’ Trent Graham

Hometown: Masterton, New Zealand
Accolades: Mentioned in Bio
Height: 6’5″
Weight: 285 Pounds
Finishers: Byrning Hammer (Powerbomb Lungblower)
Hells Razor (Tornado Bomb)

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