Pre-Season House Show - December 2015

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Pre-Season House Show - December 2015

Post by Alex Kayne on Sat Dec 05, 2015 10:01 pm

Redbone vs. Giselle Blanco

Singles Match
Morgan Rivera vs. Alaina Petrova

Singles Match
D.Y.Nasty vs. Chris Savage

Singles Match
Judas Cole vs. Danny V5

**House show takes place in the NXT arena.**

**House shows can be either competitive or simulated. Winning or losing makes no impact on your HCW record; just PLAY FAIRLY. All matches must be recorded and submitted in the Anarchy results page by December 20, 2015. No exceptions. If any issues arise, please contact me on twitter @HCWZone ONE WEEK BEFORE the due date. Any matches not done will be considered abandoned and one warning point will be given.**

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