Judas Cole: A Savior Has Arrived

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Judas Cole: A Savior Has Arrived  Empty Judas Cole: A Savior Has Arrived

Post by Marcster500 on Sat Dec 05, 2015 1:49 pm


For quite a long time now, wrestling has needed someone to be a missionary of God, and now HCW has found one in the name of "The Angel" Judas Cole.

The man who claims to be sent from Heaven in order to "save" wrestling, Judas Cole is one of the most dangerous superstars to be in the ring with and will do anything to win despite the means which most people see as questionable considering what he claims he represents. In another company, Cole has defeated a number of main event stars and has come extremely close to becoming the companys main champion. Although not all successful, Cole now turns his focus to HCW in order to save it indefinitely, and by doing that completely, he must become the HCWs only PURE Heavyweight Champion. And if anyone opposes.... They will be crucified.

Accomplishments: In bio
From: The Heavens
Finisher(s): The Crucifixion ( Razors Edge)
Saviors Slam: (Glam Slam)


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