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HCW Introduction Empty HCW Introduction

Post by Alex Kayne on Sun Nov 29, 2015 6:04 pm

HCW: the House of Championship Wrestling

With my experience with E-federations, I'm here to help you. Along with my fellow administrator, LJ, we're striving to succeed in what we have enjoyed for many years.

Here's the need-to-know basis.

HCW is currently running on WWE 2K16 for Xbox One. The PlayStation 4 would later come into consideration.

Name: (this is optional)
CAW's name:
Have you read the rules?
Consoles you own?
Previous E-fed experience?
Are you a fair person?
Can you record?
Are you willing to be tested for fair play?
Ways to contact you:

How to contact us:

Alex Kayne- @HCWZone

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