Danny V5... The Beginning of the End

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Danny V5... The Beginning of the End Empty Danny V5... The Beginning of the End

Post by EqualScorpion1 on Sat Dec 05, 2015 3:14 am

(Can't link to YT for CAW entrance for 7 days)


You may not realize the caliber of superstar you're dealing with when you first see Danny V5. On the surface, he looks like a brash, arrogant young wrestler with a chip on his shoulder whose ego seems quite big for his size ten boots.

In reality, Danny has already accomplished more than many here, and has been in the business much longer than his looks would suggest. Before being unmasked, he was a beloved "B+ Player" with an impressive resume of being one half of the longest reigning XWE Tag Champions in history and a former XWE Champion, albeit with a reign of under two weeks.

One night, at a live event, a loss in a mask vs hair match changed Danny's appearance and his life forever.

He became ruthless, vicious, and scornful to the fans who had once cheered hi passionately, he broke up with his tag partner, made enemies out of the fans, the roster, and the executive team.....

and he defeated all of them in one way or another.

Now, Danny V5 is simply disturbed by the minimal recognition he receives from other wrestling communities, and he sees HCW as a perfect place to make his name known and use as many "stepping stones" as possible on the way.

The roster should be put on notice.

Hometown: Phoenix, AZ
Accolades: Mentioned in Bio
Height 5'10
Weight 180 lbs
Finisher: V-Cutter (RKO)


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