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Post by Alex Kayne on Sun Nov 29, 2015 6:02 pm

Fair Play:
First and foremost, we believe in fair play. Think of how WWE and TNA matches go down. You don't see Triple H hit a running clothesline, run out of the ring, grab his opponents leg, rush back in, hit another clothesline, then run out again, becoming annoyingly consistent. No, that's not the type of wrestling entertainment anyone enjoys, and it's definitely not one we're looking to promote. We're here to present decent matches that are entertaining, bringing satisfaction on both sides.

A few moves that are banned from being used in HCW is the running superkick and leg sweep.

Design your Character:
We're also looking for realism. If you're going to make a superhero character (though that type of thing is a bit cliche), be creative about it. Having a Captain America wannabe as World Champion isn't something that'll help our reputation. Nudge your imagination a little, push yourself into creating something no one would ever think of and present it with delicate praise.

Create a Superstar:
One thing I can say is if you're bringing a super heavyweight into HCW, it must be approved by me AND my co-administrator, LJ. We'll throughly examine its style and manners of wrestling. If it checks out well, and if a storyline calls for one, it will be approved.

Keep your superstar with a simple attire. If crazy designs go with your CAW's personality, by all means, go all out. Just make sure to make it easy on the eyes.

Due to WWE 2K16's stats being drastically different, overall should be 83 BEFORE abilities, and 90 AFTER abilities. For current and former World Champions have a MAX overall of 93.

Level 3 abilities are strictly prohibited. OMG moves are not allowed except for PPV matches or main events. OMG moments should be just that. They should be for special moments and highly anticipated main events.

There is no rule on how you set your attributes except that none should be lower than 60 and cannot pass 10 points lower than the actual max. For example, a stat with a max of 100 cannot be lower than 60, yet cannot pass a maximum of 90.

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