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Post by Dr LJ on Wed Dec 02, 2015 7:01 pm

Hello to all and welcome to the HCW Zone.

Please take time to introduce yourself and your character(s). You can include a break down of your character, your experience in feds, your experience in matches, and any other relevant information. This is vital so we can know where everyone stands.

I have 9 years of efed experience in CAW related feds and 5 years experience in role-play feds. I have a capture card and have 8 years experience in video editing. I enjoy doing these types of feds because it weeds out the people who ruin these games. I am all about match quality. I have never cared who wins or loses. Sometimes, losing is better than winning and sometimes winning makes you look like the loser.

So let's have fun and tell us a little something about yourself.

Random fact about me: I once broke my foot chasing someone who stole my hungryman microwavable dish.


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